Chaattan Kali

Prevalent in many areas of Ponnani and Tirur Taluks in Malappuram District. In the garb of Chathan, a village deity, they dance to the accompaniment of percussion instruments like the Chenda etc. In both hands the dancers of Kolams carry two short sticks. They click these sticks together to the rhythm. Each particular dance sequence takes about ten minutes. A particular type of Chenda is used as background rhythm. Usually this is performed during daytime. A linen cloth and a jingling bell round the waist, a heavy clanking anklet and on the head, a headdress made of arecanut base and tender coconut fronds make up the costume. A face mask of arecanut frond base, with an exaggerated nose also adds to the beauty of this art form.

I could not get any pictures, but if you do have, please contact me.