Chozhi Kali

Prevalent in Thrissur District, Chozhi Kali involves children doning the garb of Chozhi while the elders donning the costumes of Kalan, Chitragupta and Muthiyamma. The leader stands in the midst of children, garbed as Chozhi. The leader then makes the Chozhis sit in a circle round him and begins to sing while the Chozhis clap their palms. Later, the elders in the garb of Kalan (God of Death) and Chitragupta enter to the accompaniment of yells and the Muthiamma sings humorous songs. After commencing the performance, in a vacant lot, the performers go from house to house and perform this. The costume of Chozhi consists of dried plantain leaves, tied all over the body. And two horns would be sticking out from the forehead. Kalan and Chitragupta wear black clothes and masks of terrifying aspect with fangs bared.