Kaakarishi Kali

Kaakarishi Natakom is a satirical dance drama based on the mythical legends of Lord Shiv and his consort Parvathi when they assumed human forms as Kaakalan and Kaakathi - a nomadic tribe of fortunetellers.Also known as Kaakala Natakom or Kaakarishi Chaithram, this tribal dance form is written and enacted by Kaakkans (snake charmers).This blend of music,dialogue,dance and action has Sunadaran Kaakkan, Kaakkattis, Velichapaddu, Thampuraan and Vedan as the main characters. The communities of Kurava and Maladeva of southern districts of Kerala perform this satiric dance form.

The instrumental accompaniments include Harmonium, Ganjira or Tambourine, Maddalam and Ilathalam (gongs). In some places, Tabla is also used. The percussionists usually assemble at the back of the stage.