Celebrated to commemorate the fight between Bhadrakaali and Darika, Kaaliyuttu is performed at the Sarkara Bhagvathi temple in Chirayankeezhu, 18kms from Thiruvananthapuram. The month of Kumbham provides the auspicious time for this art form.The eight day combat is performed on different stages until the climax - a ritual called Paranettu - is enacted on a special 100 feet high stage on the eighth day.

The most thrilling part is the concluding Paranettu, performed by the heads of 64 villages and is action packed. The combat is enacted in various stages like   Thampuran pulayan    ,   Pulayan purappadu, Thampuran purappadu etc. The temple dedicated to goddess   Bhagavathy    , is noted for its mural collections and wood carvings.