Kambadi Kali

Also known as Kolkali, Kambadi Kali involves a rhythmic dance using sticks and steps. One foot length sticks are held in each hand and beaten to make a sharp, rasping sound as the dance proceeds with unique steps, twisting and turning. The dance performers move in a circle, striking small sticks and keeping rhythm with special steps. The circle expands and contracts as the dance progress. The accompanying music gradually rises in pitch and the dance reaches its climax.It is danced by both men and women, during festivals, auspicious days and weddings. The special qualities of the dance are quickness, alertness, while being careful not to hurt the other dancers by the swinging 'kol'. The 'kols' are brightly painted and decorated with brass rings, bells etc while the dancers add to the aesthetic pleasure through their ankle-bells. But, there is no pre-defined dress for this dance.This highly energetic and vivacious dance is an epitome of Kerala's vibrant culture. As they dance with alacrity, enthusiasm and alert quick movements ensuring that they do not injure their partners.