Kanyar Kali

Also known as Desathukali, Kanyar Kali involves the fast moving, militant dances attuned to rhythmic devotional folk songs and asuravadyas. They are said to originate from the pursuit of martial arts when the region was under threat of attack from nearby Konganadu. Kannyarkali arose when dance and comedy were added to the martial training sessions. Though performed by Nairs, Kanyarkali depicts the life of the Malayams, one-time slaves and dependents of the feudal chieftains and jenmies of the Malabar area in Kerala. The accompanying folk songs also throw some light on the ancient feudal relationships. Musical instruments like chenda, maddalam, elathaalam and chengala are used. The costumes are very colorful. In fact, Kannyar Kali is the forerunner of Kathakali as many features of Kathakali are similar to that of Kannyar Kali.
Kanyar Kali festivals are mostly seen in these places of Palakkad District - MANJALUR,Pallassena, Pallavur, Kakkayur, Kattusseri [Alathur], Kunissey,  Cheramangalam, Ayalur, Athipotta, Vattekkad, Melarcode,Manjalur Kannanore and Puthucode.