The "Dance of the Bear" or Karadiyattam is a 500 year old tribal ritual art prevalent among the Attapadi and Urula Tribal Communities of Palakkad District, Kerala. It is performed at Malleeswaran temple at Chemmannur in Attapadi on Sivarathri, the festive and auspicious night of Siva that is celebrated every year. With the main aim of propitiating gods and for appeasing departed souls, about ten to fifteen men and women dance around a bonfire in a ring.

Well defined steps round and round the dancing flames are perfectly choreographed by the musical instruments like Para, Thakil and Kuzhal. While Kuzhal provides the melodic accompaniment, drums like Para and Thakil provide the touch of percussion.The main refrain of the song is, "Ele le le... Karadi Ele le le".

Sadly, I havn't got any image of this art form. If you do find, please contact me.