Performed in Chittoor Taluk of Palakad District, Pallukali s a dramatic visual art. This ritualistic art is handled by those belonging to the Pariah community. An artist in the costume of Ganapathy appears first on the stage. He is followed by such characters as Panakaran (Richman) his servant, his two wives, a Kolkaran (he is also the comedian). After the other characters make their entry the Ganapathy with draws. Then the theme is expounded. The leader sings a song in Kavu style. According to the meaning of the song, those on the stage start acting and singing the dialogues. Of the two wives of the rich man, one turns informer against him. This and the misfortunes that follow upon this, form the core of the theme. On account of the prayers of the other wife it all ends happily. The male characters have costumes similar to those of Kathakali. The female characters don dhoties and upper cloth. Facial makeup is used. The female characters tie up their hair. Nandanar, who was refused admission into the temple, but finally got himself admitted through high devotion and won many devotees to him, is presented through this art form, with the help of music and dancing.

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