Parijamuttu Kali

Parija means shield and hence Parijamuttu Kali is a dance with shields and swords making it a prominent martial art form. Also known as Parija Kali, It is said that this dance is originated during the day when kalaripayattu was in vogue in Kerala.The sword and the shield are made out of soft wood. Some formations reiterate dual combats of ancient warriors with an accompanying song of classical nature. The theme of this art form is the valour of war heroes of the past. But after independence, new themes of freedom struggle and development have sprung up. Like Kolkali, Parijakali also beings slowly and steadily culminating in a crescendo of agile physical movements.In the overall dance, various movements are repeated; replay to the movements of sword fight, leaping forward, stepping back and moving round, striking the swords every time and defending with shields.