Theyyannam is a a ritualistic dance performed by the Pulaya and Kurava communities and is found in Mavelikara, Pandalam and some places in Alappuzha District. When man turned to cultivation, his liking and respect for it began to increase. Though he cultivates different crops, he has a partiality for paddy cultivation. This is the theme of Theyyannam.Drum, Cymbal, Kuzhal, Perumbara, Conch, Cherututi, Utukku and Chermangalam are well known musical instruments used in Theyyaattam. The rhythm of the playing of these instruments varies from Theyyam to Theyyam. The continuous playing with measured interludes helps to make the performance very interesting. According to the rhythm of the instruments, the same instrumental players recite Thottams also of the particular deity.The thottam of pottan theyyannam (of pulayans) depicts the dialogue between Sree Shankaracharya and a elder of pulayan community, the verses "even if I am stabbed what comes out is blood and even if you are stabbed what comes out is blood" is very popular.

Eight men plough up a field and plant seedlings. At this stage the women folk enter, with breakfast for their men folk. In the ploughed up field, the women start replanting the seedlings. With women on one side and men on the other side, the preliminary work of agriculture is completed. After this comes the harvest and then the threshing. Thus all stages of paddy cultivation are represented.

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