Vatta Kali

The main theme of ‘Vattakali’ comes from the worship of Lord Ganapathi. It is usually conducted in connection with functions like marriage ceremonials of the ‘Kurumar’ community.This is also called Chavadukali or Chavittukali. It is an extremely vigorous ring-dance of the Vettuvar community. Both men and women participate in the dance. Twelve different types of steps are executed. The beauty of the intricate footwork is heightened by the tinkling of anklets and bells and also by the rhythmic clapping of hands. The whirling movements become faster as the dancing reaches a climax.

Performed also by the Mullu Kurumars and Wyanad Chettis, Vattakali is done exclusively by men who step in a circle around a sacred lamp, first slowly, and then gradually increasing speed until unable to hold together the circle.