Villadichan Pattu

'Villadichanpattu' literally means a song sung to the strumming of the villu (a big bow with a tout string). This ancient ritual art form, with much prominence for its music, is more prevalent in parts of Thiruvananthapuram district. The themes are based on mythology and are presented either during the day or at night. The duration of a performance varies with that of the story.
At least five people are needed for a presentation. Villu (bow), sukol, jalar, pot (percussion), visari and dholak (a percussion) are the musical instruments used by the performers.The performers wear a dhoti around the loin, a cloth tied around the temple and a kuri (a mark on the forehead using sandalwood paste). The settings required are a nilavilakku (wick lamp) and the pooja (worship) articles required for Ganapathi pooja.